Meaning Into Life

  • Power, fame, wealth has no meaning in life
  • Having a great time matters more than great wealth
  • Something useful for the world
  • Past is like train that never stops
  • Holidays are time to sit down and look back am I doing things meaningful

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Mindset - The Key for Life, Keep Learning, Stay Strong, Keep Improving

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Morning Positive Energy

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Happiness and purpose of Life

Sometimes food for soul is important to relook in priorities in life. This talk was very inspiring to relook and get things right to find a meaning of life. Some good lines to remember

"All we get to keep in life are memories"

"Our ability to recognise the meaning of our life, finding a sense of meaning in our tasks matters"

"We accumulate possessions but forget having experiences"

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Who is actually rich ?

Lesson Learnt :)

"Change Starts when you choose to care"

"Change Starts when you choose to care"

Relationships and Love

Emotion and perceptions of Love control's our brain.

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Good Read

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Aging is loving, living.

"As long as I am growing and Learning Age doesn't matter" Happy Growing!!!

Morning Motivations

Good Quotes

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Weekend Visual Art Works

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Find your passion and follow it. You will not find passion in money. More things and more money, there will be always someone with more. You have to make others life better.

"It's your road, and yours alone others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you" - Rumi

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My First visual art

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Elevate the Craft

  • "Do it more, Get Good at it"
  • "Look at mastery of level of craft"
  • "Craft Side - My craft elevated to a point (best of myself)"
  • "Engage mind getting better at craft"
  • "Independently interesting projects"
  • "Craft gets better, learning more"
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Good One

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Let your Brain fill your Steps

  • What if types of Question
  • Simulate for you 'What would it look like if'
  • 'What would happen if'
  • Supply anything you want
  • "Brains have enormous capacity to simulate"
  • "Brain will fill in the Steps"
  • "Schedule every day to ask yourself what you want your life to look like"
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Good Ted Talks

  • Studied classes for Joy of Learning
  • Live with Life's ups and Downs
  • Happier 20% knew life purpose
  • Who you are
  • What do you love to do
  • Who you do it for
  • What do they want or need
  • What was result / How did it transform them

  • Formulate your question
  • Gather your information
  • Apply the information
  • Consider the implications
  • Explore other points of view

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"Fight for you. Believe in you. Bleed. Cry. Conquer - Dan Waldschmidt"