Good Read - Stay Focused on Goals

Read Supriya Rao's answer to How do you keep yourself focused on your goals? on Quora

The key things - " you can choose not to chase trivial things keeping the bigger opportunity in mind"

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

Keep Learning, Stay Happy !!!

Good Read - Rules for Life

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Quotes for Life

"Don’t give up and don’t look back.   Who you were, doesn’t matter.  What you did matters even less.  All that counts is who you are, what you’re doing, where you’re going, and who you’ll be". 

"Finally, take responsibility for your own life. Nobody else can do that for you."

Good One - Better Life

Better Life!!!

Life Partner

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Good Quote

Good One - True Love

One of the last quotes is really awesome "Mixture of Friendship + Appreciation + Happiness "

Honestly doesn't come with Social Status

Live Well!!

Taking Notes

Happy Learning!!!

Reading Tips

Happy Reading!!!

Meaning Into Life

  • Power, fame, wealth has no meaning in life
  • Having a great time matters more than great wealth
  • Something useful for the world
  • Past is like train that never stops
  • Holidays are time to sit down and look back am I doing things meaningful

Happy Living!!!

Mindset - The Key for Life, Keep Learning, Stay Strong, Keep Improving

Happy beautiful, peaceful and a productive day!!!

Morning Positive Energy

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Happy Reading!!!

Happiness and purpose of Life

Sometimes food for soul is important to relook in priorities in life. This talk was very inspiring to relook and get things right to find a meaning of life. Some good lines to remember

"All we get to keep in life are memories"

"Our ability to recognise the meaning of our life, finding a sense of meaning in our tasks matters"

"We accumulate possessions but forget having experiences"

Happy Learning!!!!

Who is actually rich ?

Lesson Learnt :)

"Change Starts when you choose to care"

"Change Starts when you choose to care"

Relationships and Love

Emotion and perceptions of Love control's our brain.

Happy Learning!!!

Good Read

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What are the things required to become a hardcore programmer?

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Aging is loving, living.

"As long as I am growing and Learning Age doesn't matter" Happy Growing!!!
"Fight for you. Believe in you. Bleed. Cry. Conquer - Dan Waldschmidt"